Noticing the Pattern of Distrust

This year, I declared a breakthrough for 2022 around self-trust. Deepening and demonstrating the next level of opening up and finding completion and resolution around areas of my life that I’ve carried on that no longer serve me. Letting go of parts of what once made up my identity feels, at times, unsettling and energizing. The what if in the unknown possibility meeting the self-assurance that I will be ok on the other side of taking action and stepping into a new opportunity.

Over this last year, I’ve noticed repeating thoughts that whatever I did in that, and many familiar moments, was not where I should focus on spending my time. I interpret the feeling as needing to be doing something else or more of a different activity. While recently journaling, it was interesting to notice my natural response to the thought and that what felt most familiar was the thought itself and second-guessing my choices. To recognize a repeating pattern of thinking is a step in the right direction but is recognition of the pattern enough to change my behavior?

I began to wonder, where does this come from, and where did I start thinking this way? May this distrust be a subconscious response to my upbringing in childhood or the result of coaches’ demands from competitive sports? Or even my employer? More importantly, what problem is this thought trying to solve?

The opportunity

It’s been interesting to notice where I can be on guard unnecessarily and have the awareness to settle into being where I am and reconnect with my purpose for being there. Continuing education, practicing self-care, and demonstrating integrity and self-trust will continue to be a work in progress. How do I want to move forward having recognized this? Is there an opportunity for you to demonstrate a next level self-trust in your relationships?

Our higher commitment and purpose comes into play as a catalyst for sustaining motivation around our intention and integrity. Notice and have the awareness to choose what comes next. Trust your gut intuition.

Do you know what it feels like in your experience, where everyone outside seems to know better than you what you want? Were you raised around control and restriction and found freedom after high school? Do lingering or masked insecurity and hindrance to developing confidence sound familiar? Recognize your relationship to repeating patterns with the support of a life coach. With Where the Change Happens Coaching, I support clients in shifting how they engage with problems, creating new awareness around their vision for their life moving forward.

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