A Work in Process

In 2022 I’ve been focused on my vision of my future. This last year has been a journey in developing a new relationship with possibility and experiencing the results of intentional action. 

At every stage of reinvention, beginning with wanting to find the place I wanted to be and what I wanted to do, I found a coach at the beginning of that journey. When I began writing and wanted to start my blog, I worked with a coach to support that project, ultimately leading to self-publishing my first book. As I sought to find my next level and add some skin to the game, I hired a writing coach to work with me for the last year to write a more profound and immersive experience of the transformation journey.

Coaching has been a supportive structure for accountability around what I’ve been up to. Writing my follow-up to Where the Change Happens also led me to the Coaches’ Training Program with Accomplishment Coaching and an accredited program with the International Coaching Federation to begin my certification as a Life Coach.

The projects I’ve been working on this last year are now beginning to wrap up, and I am re-focusing on productivity and being creative. Still, I also want to be mindful and intentional about creating action and recovery.

Continuing to take steps forward to figure out what I need to do to create the next step closer to the place I want to be in the community, I want to connect with and lean in, leading to life in an empowering way. Seattle is that place for me, and it’s incredible to think that my life experiences were once on a goals list. There’s no part of my daily experience in Seattle, around the NHL‘s Seattle Kraken and all things Climate Pledge Arena where I don’t get to engage with the community. Why not have someone be part of your life who is committed to supporting you on the journey of creating the outcomes you want and expanding your sense of well-being? I believe this is where change happens on the journey forward.

Looking for Insight

Because I was seeking help and hired a writing coach in support of developing my communication skills, an opportunity to realize another dream of mine presented itself. Over the last decade working in retail sales, I, like many of my former coworkers, found that there were some customers that I couldn’t be with. Big egos and negative projection were daily experiences, and I didn’t want or have the patience to be with some of them. Over time, I began feeling jaded, and my excitement around people waned from the energy I naturally found. I want to work with people and support them on their journeys—another reason for working on my communication skills. 

Understanding human nature and motivation can be complicated, and there are many ways to be with another human. With support, I began reframing my experience and opportunity, reconnecting with my belief in people.

When I joined the Coaches’ Training Program in August 2021, I found myself at the end of a relationship and facing a materials manufacturing shortage that limited vital product availability at the peak of my selling season. Being called forth to open my heart and step into a new level of trust wasn’t my focus during the day, and I was in a constant state of lack, stress, and survival. I didn’t trust that what I needed would be available, and customers had vocally growing needs unmet that I was stressing myself to deliver. As part of my morning routine and weekly book review, I decided to review There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem by Wayne W. Dyer.

In one review, I came across a passage, saying, “If you place your energy on what is, you will see more of what is continuing to show up in your life because you will act upon your thoughts of what it is. Even if you detest the circumstances of your life, and you hate the conditions that you are experiencing, if you place your energy on what it is that you despise, you will act on those thoughts and those conditions which you despise will continue to manifest into your life.” This book continues to provide timely advice and insight that is rich in perspective and was the introduction of my process of personal development meeting the guidance of ontological life coaching. 

I hadn’t considered how I was trying to control part of my environment that was out of my control to satisfy demand or how power dynamics that resonated with my past experience in management were showing up and impacting how I was with those I worked with. Being part of the Accomplishment Coaching program helped me begin to notice repeating patterns of my behavior and stories I’ve been sharing of life that may have served me at one point. Focusing on the negative and holding on to old ways of being found new ways to hold me back and limit the possibilities for what I can create moving forward. 

In processing my shift in focus, my coaches asked me, “What is it that I’m resisting?” “What do I want to use coaching for?” and “What do I want to create out of this relationship?” 

A Changing Perspective

This is the first post in a long time, primarily because of a project to be named soon, but also because I’ve been back-and-forth with the meaning I’ve been making around stories I’ve been telling myself of my life experience. Sharing stories of my experience during the training program and working with a life coach is something I’m grateful to have experienced. I recognize how the continued engagement of old frameworks or contexts may no longer serve me and does not reflect how I want to move forward. To get to a deeper understanding of what’s previously happened, what I made that mean about myself, and what I will do, we began discussing what could shift and what that would look like for me.

Working to deepen my understanding in service of the future vision I intend to create, my commitment is to serve and support the global community and our mental health. I want and intend to write about experiences of my journey and the process of completing with the past. I want to contribute to the conversation about continuing development and living a fulfilling life for us.

I also want to share the experience of connecting to the self through life coaching. I agree that there’s no better judge for what’s best for our lives than ourselves, and to be seen and heard in the way an ontological life coach focuses on is genuinely transformational. Engaging in the coaching program opened my eyes to the many contexts through which we can view the world and how that impacts how we show up and interact with each other and overall shapes our life experiences.

Moving Forward

The journey has led me to continue my education, and I’ve utilized life coaching as part of my support vehicle to create new possibilities in my life. Consider outside your comfort zone are all the things unknown, uncomfortable, and unfamiliar. Things we’re unwilling to do that makes us scared. Take a look and notice what’s there and what comes up for you. We can change now, but it’s not what we want to do. What is it costing your life by holding on to past stories and automatic ways of being that served you years or even decades ago? 

If you’re finding yourself in the last year or two asking if you’re happy or satisfied with the direction life is heading, consider Where the Change Happens Coaching to support acknowledging what is there for you and as a structure of support in co-creating actions that give access to new power and possibility. Develop new language around declaration and maximize your personal and professional potential. Just imagine taking action and realizing the vision you wish to create for your life. 

I help clients change how they think about problems, create awareness, and shift from impossible as a way of defining life’s opportunities. I offer one-on-one and group coaching, and a series of workshops and webinars will be coming soon. Reach out to connect@wherethechangehappens.com to schedule your introductory conversation, and let’s see how we fit. If you’re committed to your personal growth and development, let’s talk about what you’re up to and working on, what you’d like to create, or even what’s coming up for you that may be in the way of your being in action and integrity. Potential clients may ask themselves how to make effective, values-based career and life decisions or about moving through imposter syndrome, thinking “everyone” is better than them or that they’re not being good enough to perform and fulfill a responsibility.

May I work with you?

Receive a one-hour complimentary coaching session if we’re a good fit (A $150 value) and begin experiencing where change is possible for yourself today. I feel like what I left in search of is the ikigai I have found. Life is too short not to be happy with where you are and to do nothing about it. We get to choose how we will be after we open our eyes in the morning. Increase awareness and expand the capacity to take personal responsibility for becoming resourceful to achieve the outcomes you want consistently. Can you afford not to explore this opportunity?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Check out a testimonial from one of my recent coaching clients:

“I did not know what to expect when a friend referred me to Jeremy. On our first call, I told him I was coming in with no knowledge of or experience with a coach. We then had a very open discussion which helped set expectations for our time working together. I appreciated having that conversation to learn about one another and make sure we were on the same page.

When I was going through coaching, I noticed myself thinking of our conversations and identifying patterns in my life that I had not recognized or paid attention to previously. Jeremy helped me make plans for how I could accomplish my short- and long-term goals and ways to implement the strategies discussed.

If you are debating whether you should start working with Jeremy, I would ask you to take a few minutes to think of where you were three months ago and if anything has improved in your life in that time. Where do you want to be in three months and what do you think will help you get there? I can honestly say I am further along than I ever thought I would be (personally and professionally) in such a short time frame. I know that shift is due to showing up every week, doing the work between calls, and the assistance Jeremy provided.”


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