About Me


My name is Jeremy Stegall, and I’m glad you’re here.

I’ve been fascinated by people and what motivates us since I was a child. My curiosity into why we do what we do led me to Iowa State University to major in psychology, hoping to answer my life’s primary question finally. It wasn’t until after I’d graduated college and begun the journey into the “real world” that I realized I’d started living a life that was not of my design but modeled after what I thought I was supposed to do. After getting married and too soon divorced, I began to look inward and ask if I’d missed something? I soon realized that I lacked clarity to what I wanted and why.

As my journey moved from Des Moines, Iowa to the Palm Beaches of Florida, I began to re-focus on my curiosity and lack of clarity to identify different questions, practices, and processes that have helped me uncover and understand the stories I’ve told myself. Now in Seattle, this discovery has resulted in a process to let go of unnecessary weight that I carried, finding lessons that I can take forward that serve to improve my life. This experience has also resulted in the clarification of my values, increased confidence to follow what I am passionate about, and developed my performance and leadership skills at work.

My mission has now become to share what I’ve learned, and the processes and methodology that helped develop questions and growth challenges that allow us to dig into areas in our lives that we know need attention.