Where the Change Happens

Jeremy Stegall

Jeremy Stegall attended Iowa State University, earning a B.A. in Psychology. For the last thirteen years, he has worked in retail sales and management, most recently as an outside sales representative.

As an emerging writer and life coach, he has used his experience and education to focus on his passion for developing relationships personally and professionally. Jeremy began Where the Change Happens five years ago as a blog focusing on personal development and relationships in and out of the workplace.

Where the Change Happens is a story about developing specific areas in life after divorce. Purpose and meaning? Who’s thinking about that when doing what “everyone else is,” or what you think you should, without clarifying why that’s what you want?

See how focusing on habits and being intentional about who’s in your extended network impacts relationships. The community benefits when we’re happier and contributing with purpose in line with our values.

Where the Change Happens is for readers looking for new ideas to help develop an improved mindset in our new normal. Have the relationships you’ve always wanted. Find passion in your life worth committing to this year. Read on how your questions’ quality can impact your ability to process emotions and dive deeper.

Begin your journey to understand your past and live your life by choice every day. By the end of this book, readers will have the tools to take action to live with a healthy, supportive network that allows you to thrive with passion on your journey. Step by step, Where the Change Happens takes you through a journey to build consistency, establish values, and live your dream today.

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