Shair.Care Podcast

I’m excited to share my latest podcast interview on the Shair.Care Podcast. is an all-inclusive global community sharing experience, strength, and hope to create strong, healthy, and inspiring relationships. It was a pleasure connecting with Damian in Australia and discussing the impact of Where the Change Happens Coaching. We all aspire to have strong and healthy relationships, personally and professionally. 

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Helping People Perform Podcast

Speaking with Paul on the Helping People Perform Podcast was a pleasure. 2023 continues to be a year of transformation. Check out the latest episode of the Helping People Perform podcast!

Change can be hard, but can ultimately be so rewarding.

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More Life Podcast

I’m excited to share my latest podcast interview, Creating a Safe Space for Growth: Jeremy Stegall on Living a Fulfilling Life, now live on the More Life podcast. It was a pleasure speaking with Jorim about building a meaningful life and creating new opportunities to have it all now. We all face challenges in life, so how can we create the space to begin the journey to realize our declared vision? 

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The Author Blurb Podcast

Seven years ago, I was hit by a lightning bolt idea to begin writing about personal development and learn about self-publishing. I’m excited to share my latest podcast interview with host Eric Maynard on the Author Blurb Podcast, “where authors and readers connect.” It was a pleasure to speak with Eric about the writing process and a topic not often written from the male perspective, divorce. Click below to listen to our conversation.

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Day In Day Out Podcast

I’m delighted to share an insightful podcast interview on the Day In, Day Out Podcast with Muyiwa Adebiyi. It was inspiring speaking with a black male from the UK about Where the Change Happens and the journey of personal development. You don’t want to miss this episode if you’re looking for a fun and insightful conversation!

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Digital First® Magazine

I’m excited to share that I’ve been featured in Digital First® Magazine’s special issue focusing on Must-Watch Innovative Coaching Service Providers in 2023. 

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The Process Podcast

I’m excited to share my latest interview with Mark Smith on his podcast, The Process, season 8, titled, Moving from Transactional to Transformational, “FORWARD.” Here’s his show description;

What are the subtle questions that answers for us in time? Most often they come through adversity, and our learning from the SITUATIONS we find ourselves thrusted in. All these components and more, give us the strength to move FORWARD.

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Career Spotlight Podcast

Episode 20: Discovering Life Coaching After Divorce

In this episode, we explore (Jeremy’s) journey to becoming a life coach and author with Where the Change Happens Coaching. 

We hear the ways his life has helped him grow into the type of coach he wanted to become. And how he leaned into his passion for writing through his blog, Where the Change Happens. That resulted in him publishing a book of the same name! 

Jeremy’s latest book, After the Divorce: From Looking Back to Leaning In, is a fiction story that is sure to inspire and offers a different way to learn about life coaching. He shared with us about what inspired him to write both books, and the lessons he’s gained along the way!

Brainz. Magazine

Brainz. Magazine Interview

Jeremy is a life coach and business success coach with Where the Change Happens Coaching, LLC. As an author, coach, and speaker, Jeremy has used his education and professional experience to bring new creative energy to the workplace, encouraging entrepreneurs on their journey to improve client relationships in their businesses. In 2020, Jeremy self-published his first book, Where the Change Happens, which has found international success.

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Passion Vista Magazine

Men Leaders To Look Up To 2022

Where the Change Happens began in support of creating meaningful change in our lives, and now, I’m grateful to share that Passion Vista Magazine has included me in their special edition, Men Leaders To Look Up To 2022. 

In talks with Passion Vista, Jeremy Stegall talks about his transformational life, what makes each person unique, and the methodology behind finding the sole purpose and meaning of life. He sheds some light on some of the values he attained and how one can reach new horizons by just being the best version of themselves. Catch some inspirational values from Jeremy’s life in our special edition of ‘Men Leaders To Look Up To 2022’

Click here for my interview in Passion Vista Magazine’s Special Edition, Men Leaders To Look Up To 2022. 

Brainz. Magazine


I’m excited to share that Brainz. Magazine nominated and included my work with Where the Change Happens to be a 2022 BRAINZ MAGAZINE CREA GLOBAL AWARD recipient! 


“This award is proudly presented to the honoree by the Brainz Magazine Selection Committee, in recognition for their creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business, or for their contributions to sustainability and mental health projects.”

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Living Alone in an Apartment? Top Tips for How to Thrive on Your Own

Living alone can be an opportunity with pros and cons to consider. I’m grateful to collaborate with Redfin to share tips on how to thrive when living on your own.


“There may come a time in your life when you decide to live alone. While it’s freeing to find your independence, the solo lifestyle may be a hard adjustment. If you’re considering living alone, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of doing so, along with some helpful tips from professionals. So whether you’re moving into your first studio apartment in San Diego, CA, or looking for ways to feel comfortable in your newfound solitude, read on to see how to make the best of living alone.” Ana de Guzman

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365 Brothers Podcast

Your Very Own MVP

He started playing hockey later than most of his teammates. He made up it with hard work. Not only did he manage becoming a high school MVP, Jeremy Stegall played junior hockey in Banff, Canada and collegiate hockey at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. 

Years later, when he found himself divorced, he did what he knows todo. He put in the work. The result is a new, stronger relationship and a book about his transformation entitled Where The Change Happens.