Where the Change Happens Coaching

You’ve done your best with what you know, but often that is not always satisfying. Break through what is normal or predictable for you with Where the Change Happens Coaching.

What vision for your future do you see? What do you desire to create?

Just as athletes work with coaches to develop and maximize their potential in their sport, Where the Change Happens Coaching is partnered with clients to design sustainable processes and co-create practical exercises that support creating desired breakthroughs or achievements. Click below for more information and schedule your initial coaching conversation today.


Schedule your complimentary 20-minute conversation and discuss what you’re up to and what you would like to get from coaching. If you already have a coaching request, experience up to 1 hour of Where the Change Happens Coaching and begin your journey where change becomes transformation today.

Men After the Divorce Group Coaching

Men have feelings too. Experience new male community and group coaching with Where the Change Happens Coaching. We focus on supporting men after divorce in developing the next steps forward to reinvent themselves and acknowledge personal accountability to expand and move beyond what we brought into the relationship that did not have the outcome expected. Click below for more information about the newest support structure in men’s group accountability and create your PATH Forward today. 

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A major shift I noticed for myself was boundary setting.  This really has resulted in me prioritizing how my time is spent and allowed me to see maximum results in the areas I most value, which is family time and community involvement focused on our teenaged population. 

I went into the time with Jeremy with no expectations as I was uncertain to what a life coach’s role would actually be.  What I found it to be was a very friendly experience, but unlike just discussing my goals with a friend, a coach held me more accountable and asked me to explore things on a deeper level.

— Chrystal

I did not know what to expect when a friend referred me to Jeremy. On our first call, I told him I was coming in with no knowledge of or experience with a coach. We then had a very open discussion which helped set expectations for our time working together. I appreciated having that conversation to learn about one another and make sure we were on the same page.

When I was going through coaching, I noticed myself thinking of our conversations and identifying patterns in my life that I had not recognized or paid attention to previously. Jeremy helped me make plans for how I could accomplish my short- and long-term goals and ways to implement the strategies discussed.

If you are debating whether you should start working with Jeremy, I would ask you to take a few minutes to think of where you were three months ago and if anything has improved in your life in that time. Where do you want to be in three months and what do you think will help you get there? I can honestly say I am further along than I ever thought I would be (personally and professionally) in such a short time frame. I know that shift is due to showing up every week, doing the work between calls, and the assistance Jeremy provided.