When we’re intentional about changing our behavior to create a life full of purpose and fulfillment, where do we begin? Join me on a journey to uncover the mindset and habits needed to develop incredible change in our lives. There’s no substitution for hard work to get what we want, so let us take our first step forward to where our change happens.

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It’s official! You can stream my first single, Hard Questions, on YouTube today! Hard Questions is new original music performed by STEG, a band consisting of solo artist Jeremy Stegall, and is inspired by the book After the Divorce: From Looking Back to Leaning In. 

This new music will be available September 22nd, and you can pre-save on Spotify or pre-order on iTunes today. There is a new season upon us—an experience where change becomes transformation. 

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As a writer, coach, and speaker with Where the Change Happens Coaching, Jeremy has used his education and professional experience to bring new creative energy to the global community. Whether at home or in the workplace, Jeremy’s work inspires and encourages communities of people on their journey to increase awareness and expand their capacity to take personal responsibility for becoming resourceful to consistently achieve the outcomes they want and maximize personal and professional potential.

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