Hear My Story and Begin a New Journey

I was recently a guest on the 365 Brothers Podcast sharing my story and experiences as a black man in America. Host Rahbin Shyne and I discuss the journey that led to writing Where the Change Happens and reflect on my life’s journey and a few of its significant events. Hear my first interview as I share life lessons ranging from divorce and what love means to me and recount my own experiences with law enforcement.

Click here for my episode, titled, Your Very Own MVP

Join host Rahbin Shyne on her mission to get to know 365 Brothers from diverse backgrounds across the United States in an “intimate, meaningful conversation about their lives.” The journey to create positive change continues!

P.S. You can also hear my older brother’s episode of the 365 Brothers Podcast, titled, The Winning Score. His hard work and dedication to writing music and scoring feature films have led to him scoring Coming 2 America, which was just released on Amazon Prime this March, starring Eddie Murphy. I’m so proud of his hard work and to hear that he and many Brothers are doing great work in America.

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