The Opportunity of a Lifetime

It feels like I’m reconnecting with myself. There is something in my heart that I want to understand and contribute to. Beginning the work on my next writing project in early July, I felt my process would benefit from the experience of working with a writing coach, seeking outside help, and putting in some skin in the game financially. I also wanted to have some accountability so the process wouldn’t drag on, as sometimes a goal for the future can. Working with my writing coach led to the opportunity to enroll in the Coach-In-Training program with Accomplishment Coaching and the chance to live what was once a dream. 

Moving to Florida in 2017, I had a few conversations with people that I wanted to be a coach. I spoke with the director of hockey at a local rink. I met with Buck Martinez of the Student ACES leadership development program for high school students in Palm Beach Gardens a few times. Eventually, I realized that I didn’t know want I wanted to coach or how I wanted to contribute. 

Reading books and listening to podcasts became my continuing education grounds. Starting a blog became where I would become a writer to share my journey toward what’s possible—reviewing experiences that happened in the past, to understand why I and others act the way we do. I’m still fascinated by how context and paradigms shape why we do what we do, with the intent to engage with relationships personally and professionally, not being easily offended but more open to communication and providing context and understanding. Couldn’t that deepen relationships and bring us a little bit closer together than where we were when we started?

Areas I began to focus on when starting Where the Change Happens included:

  • Living a life of significance
  • Being seen and heard
  • Experiencing love after divorce
  • Showing empathy and compassion
  • Providing context in communication
  • Focusing on the future possibility vs. reliving the past 
  • Thriving vs. Surviving 
  • The growth vs. fixed mindset. 

I’m no longer focusing on the stories of my past and whether I liked them or not or agreed with them. After seeing my first book, Where the Change Happens, purchased in multiple countries, my dream is evolving and not about me anymore. The vision is expanding. Curious minds continue to discover the N.E.T. Action Plan for Productivity, utilized to realize purpose and meaning in my life after divorce, and I feel I have something to contribute. I’m inspired to show up in a new capacity for my community, locally and globally.

What I Was Afraid to Pursue Found Me

Recently reading The Last Word on Power, I came across something called– The Universal Human Paradigm. It describes something we all tend to do as humans, believing that “There is a way that things should be. And when things are that way, things are right.” When they’re not that way, there’s something wrong with either me observing, other people involved or with the environment, everywhere. There’s always something wrong if it’s not done the “right way.”

Notice just being with what is. I noticed that I often vent about accepting where I am. And I assert that no one wants to be without or wants to feel like choices only result in a loss, or want to accept feeling unheard, unimportant, or like they’re unworthy. I am sharing with everyone that I want to be part of the journey and your process, moving from being where you don’t feel that you are progressing in your journey, living from your true nature, or accomplishing an impossible goal. 

What transformational change would you like to see in your life?

This opportunity is for people who, in the last year or two alone, because of the pandemic, have realized that there is something that they want to do that they haven’t been doing. Because of a current state of mind or circumstance, my question to your story is, do you feel like something is keeping you from achieving or accomplishing what’s important to you? I want to be part of creating space with you to realize the vision of the future that you see—the version of yourself you want to see in your present. I would love to speak with you about that possibility to create your life.

The Call to Action 

What’s the point? Having support and asking what we want to do about the journey of life. We’re taking action to step out of our comfort zones and into the possibility of a future that we know deep inside we want to be part of or course-correcting aspects of a relationship. There is a community of people who want to support you on that journey. We’re called life coaches.

I’m finding it fascinating to study ontological coaching and our ways of being. It’s encouraging me to address how I show up from the victim mentality, telling stories about what was done to me, blaming outside individuals, and how I’m trying to control my environment to avoid responsibility and accountability. I don’t want excuses. I want results from intentional action.

I feel nervous thinking about being responsible for what works and what doesn’t and that it’s up to me to ask what’s missing and engage in acts of dealing with what is and creating a plan of action to move forward. Having support from coaches and classmates is a breath of fresh air to shift my context around my journey and what I’m taking a stand for with my life.

Shifting focus from being a victim to being “at cause” or responsible for interpretations and the results my decisions produce has inspired a breakthrough for my life to experience in the future.

I declare that we are the community where the change you want to see is the experience. That’s the breakthrough moment—a community where the change we wish to see becomes our experience. Becoming the man that can be the face of that community will be a breakthrough experience for me.

If you’re interested in getting to know more or even know yourself a bit more, or a lot more, or whatever it is, reach out at and schedule your free 20-minute session about what is possible in your life. I look forward to hearing from you and being with you to become the change you want to see.

Being willing to engage in conversations about how we feel and understanding that people might be afraid, offended, or upset by what we say is an opportunity is to connect in discussion and dialogue.

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive” -Howard Thurman

Be well.

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