Let’s Build a Better Team Together

It’s vital to share struggles that have helped me that may help another. Perhaps to encourage developing a connection in 2021 or to help not take things personally this year. Of course, nothing is easy, and that’s part of why I’m just now able to write this. It’s hard not to take things personally. 

Over the last four years now, reading books on human nature to satisfy my childhood curiosity and find ways to stretch my comfort zone has helped me recognize and understand patterns repeated in my behavior. Learning to find my purpose is a shift in mindset that I’m proud to have written about in Where the Change Happens. In the back of my mind still, I’d always had a plan to write about precisely how I dealt with the stress I felt working in a retail store and how I established my credibility as a new sales rep in a new state.

Let me also note that my introduction to management and leadership was in 2002, back in Joliet, Illinois, at Cinemark Movies 10 as an Assistant Manager. I was 19 years old and had a lot to learn. Like how walking around with a write up in my pocket could get staff to work but did not inspire the best work or best attitudes. I didn’t care, but I had to learn.

From 2017 until today, I’ve read 41 books that can apply to my workplace to improve communication, inspire action, and develop credibility and trust in relationships. I want to share some ideas that could help improve relationships and the productivity of some work environments. Groups working to achieve a common goal will eventually stumble from its pace when the process isn’t straightforward. When results no longer reflect the talent or level of their potential, how can you motivate co-workers and direct reports to want to take action that’s good for them and the group? I’ve been thinking and researching this topic for the last couple of years, and in 2021, I will do my part to share ideas that can make a difference. 

In sharing my experience and what I’m enjoying researching, I feel there’s also a point that must be clear to begin. This writing is about people. From the top-down in organizations, good people are in challenging positions because they have many responsibilities when working and at home. We all do. We’re all busy, and none of us are perfect. I believe I am becoming aware of the knowledge that may help interested persons who don’t have time to read studies or find ideas they could implement to develop a more connected team environment or culture.

What would I say to inspire employees?

To take action by focusing on priority:

  1. Stack dominos of success to build momentum and increase the likelihood of doing meaningful work while growing and expanding to reach the end goal, also known as the purpose for taking action.
  2. Focus on the journey and take the steps.
  3. Teach how to evaluate what needs to be done —or risk assigning additional work that could contribute to eventual burnout from meaningless tasks.

I find it fascinating to learn how developing relationships personally and professionally can be impacted by building trust and credibility and how there’s a need for context in clear communication. The workplace may change its landscape, but the opportunity to develop relationships and connectivity with our constituents and foster even stronger teams is more available now than ever before. 

P.S. If you’re interested in a book recommendation, other than Where the Change Happens, here are a few I’ve read this year already that are inspiring reads on leadership and communication. 

Tribes by Seth Godin

Eleven Rings by Phil Jackson and Hugh Delehanty

Messengers by Stephen Martin and Joseph Marks

You can also check out the Resources page for a full list of books I’ve read that I believe will inspire the change you would like to see in your journey. Be well and happy reading!

If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post or find a useful idea, please share it with your friends and family. Your referral is greatly appreciated. I look forward to discovering where the change happens with you.

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