A Simple Way to Boost Your Mood

Recently, I came up with a list of productive ways to improve how I feel. Activities that I enjoy doing that raise my energy and help boost my mood. When I feel like I need something engaging to do, or if I’ve got a break in my schedule with nothing to do, there’s a list of actions I can take that can help improve the state of how I feel.

Put anything on a list that’s a productive way to boost how you feel. When you notice the feeling coming on where negativity is creeping in, or anxious energy is chattering, your immersion in the activity from your list can divert your focus to something you enjoy. Often when engaged in activities we do enjoy, we end up finding something else beneficial, a state of flow.

That’s where I want to spend time creating routines and habits at this time. Shift your focus to distract you from the fact that it’s going to be a long time before society is on to a new version of normal. Instead of focusing on what I can’t do every day and how disrupted my routine is, I place that energy on what I can do. This quarantine can be an opportunity to reconnect with dormant connections, lost hobbies, and unfinished projects.

If I only had time…

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