Setting Boundaries

The School of Greatness-How to set Boundaries to Build Thriving Relationships

 Having realized I had a toxic relationship with someone that was a close friend, this episode hit home with me. Lewis Howse interviews motivational trainer Chris Lee in his 580th episode titled, How to set Boundaries to Build Thriving Relationships. “When you have boundaries, you have trust. When you lose that trust, you undermine the relationship.” Chris Lee hit the nail on the head! It took me a while to recognize I had a friend that didn’t know where my boundaries were. I could’ve used this episode about this time last year. As much as I tried to communicate what my boundaries were when things started becoming burdensome, my friend was constantly overstepping and judgmental. I had to take a look at my boundaries and eventually stop associating this person.

Lewis and Chris talk about how it’s important to say what works and what isn’t working, and how the other person not knowing boundaries opens the opportunity for lines to be crossed. This episode speaks to my journey in the last year and the development of my daily practice. Having a clear understanding of my boundaries, and those of others should ultimately improve the relationships I have. Chris Lee states, “If my self-worth is based on whether you like me or not, or whether you’re in a relationship with me or not, then there’s no relationship.”  This podcast is exactly what I wish I as exposed to when I was younger. This type of content would have helped when I was thinking about my self-worth and developing confidence. Not relying on others for validation.

This episode is just fantastic in my opinion. “The more value you see in yourself, the easier it will be to set boundaries. One of the reasons we’re afraid to set boundaries is because we’re afraid of losing something.” Wow. I’m definitely going to research the other episodes Lewis and Chris have together. I just had the realization recently that I too was afraid of something and just identified what it was I was afraid to lose. There’s so much helpful content here for everyone. I highly recommend checking out this episode and the School of Greatness podcast by Lewis Howse. You never know. Perhaps this could be where your change happens?



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