2 Questions for Your Year End Review

For the last three years, I’ve found it very useful to conduct a review of the previous year’s lessons and accomplishments. Journaling of my progress detailed the beginning to take the initiative to have more of what I wanted in life and find a new location where that would take place. On Jan 1st, 2018, I started my 2017 review highlighting my relocation from Iowa to Florida the previous summer. Two years later, I believe that knowing what my progress has been with this exercise is taking a step back to get a clearer picture that my journey has progressed with meaning.

What are 5 moments I am proud of from 2019?

 What did you do last year that you’re proud of? Did you stretch your comfort zone in any area or ask for something you wanted and got it? I started my exercise by acknowledging moving to Florida and over the years, have also noted, “identify what my values are specifically,” “let go of the pain I’d carried from previous relationships,” or celebrate giving my first public speech in 2019. Having season tickets for the Florida Panthers was also a personal interest that brought feelings of pride. I was supporting and committed to my sport of passion, and that experience was something to be proud of when I had them. Whatever it is that fills you with pride, acknowledge it, and celebrate your success!

What are 5 things I learned in 2019?

These are simply lessons I’ve taken from the last couple of years and continue to build on. Additions to my foundation that continue to develop my growth mindset. Some of my lessons include:

  1. Real friends don’t question why you want to be a better person; they encourage your journey there.
  2. There’s no substituting hard work on your journey. If you want something, dedicating time to achieving it is not optional. It won’t be easy, but eventually, you’ll get up more times than you’ll get knocked down.
  3. The type of woman I’m looking for is definitely out there! Get your shit together now before you meet her.
  4. I don’t have to carry the weight of what’s happened before. It’s already done, and I’m at this moment now. Really forgive them for doing the best they knew how at the time and move on already.
  5. Since childhood, I’ve felt like what I wanted didn’t matter. Things that happened may not have been fair, but that is behind me and in the past, and I am here now. What I want matters and I have the choice to do something about making that my reality. My story I’m telling myself has changed.

Find Your Moments

 In 2020 you have a choice to create your best life, and I believe in finding your direction; it helps to know where you’ve been. Sometimes lessons are hard to learn but necessary to building the character required to be the best at whatever you’ve set out to achieve. Celebrating moments of pride and excepting lessons to implement can be the difference maker between a change happening and things are staying the same.

I look forward to experiencing this year with you and finding out.

Happy New Year 2020!


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