Where the Change Happens Coaching

Every journey begins with the first step. I am excited to announce the initial offering of Where the Change Happens Coaching. Where the Change Happens Coaching is an exclusive opportunity to begin your journey with a life coach.

This coaching offer is for motivated individuals who want to do the work and show up to their lives now but don’t really know where to begin. Do you feel stuck? Do you want to move forward from what’s holding you back and emerge from the routine that’s no longer serving you in your true essence? Have you ever felt stuck, repeating patterns you couldn’t seem to shake? Have you had trouble expressing what you wanted to say? Are you still afraid to be free to speak your mind, and it’s been years since you left home? Join Where the Change Happens Coaching to design the life of your dreams and breakthrough your fears. Today, let’s finally address the areas that hold you.

This coaching opportunity is about serving and supporting you. For as little as an hour a week, four times a month, we’ll uncover your process in creating the noticeable changes in your life that you know deep inside you want. Move into your new present in 90 days or choose a deeper, more profound experience over six months for just $550 a month USD. Register for your initial conversation to see if coaching is the right fit for you. These limited availability slots will fill quickly. 

Join Where the Change Happens Coaching and find out where change is possible in your life.

Reserve a spot today!