Where the Change Happens Coaching

Coaching exists between where you are and where you want to be and supports gaining separation from your survival mechanisms. Often choices are made from lack or void, fear, financial emotion, obligation, fatigue, or discomfort.

Give yourself the gift of an empowered choice this year. Experience a difference in consistency where you would typically fall off or lose motivation.

What are you up to in 2022? What’s going on in your life as the world designs a new normal? What are you dreaming of that is your vision?

Join Where the Change Happens Coaching and design the life of your dreams and breakthrough your fears. Today, let’s finally address the areas that hold you. 

Our coaching sessions are based on trust, and our conversations come with complete confidentiality. It’s essential to have a safe container to share and express yourself fully on the journey to achieve what you want in your life. Allow coaching to be the structure to support that.

Let’s talk about what’s important to you and who you are at your highest and best and stop having circumstances deter how you show up. Create a clean slate. You can create anything.

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” 

It’s time to choose differently if you want life to go differently.

This coaching opportunity is about serving and supporting you. If you’re not entirely sure what coaching is still, reach out to connect@wherethechangehappens.com for information on monthly opportunities to observe the coaching process in partnership with my training program, Accomplishment Coaching.

I am also hosting sample sessions and initial conversations for up to an hour to experience the opportunity for yourself. 

For as little as an hour a week, four times a month, we’ll engage in a future-oriented, collaborative process, identifying blind spots, removing obstacles and barriers, and will begin to define your beginning and ending points.

What’s stopping you?

Create noticeable change in your life that reflects your highest commitment in 90 days or choose a deeper, more profound experience over six months. Everyone has a story why not to do what they say they will; register for your initial conversation and take a stand for yourself this year. 

Join Where the Change Happens Coaching and experience where change is possible in your life.

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Life Coaching

Design the life of your dreams and break through your fears. Click below and register for a free sample session and initial conversation for up to an hour to experience Where the Change Happens Coaching for yourself.

Business Success Coaching

Develop your business leadership and expand your productivity and profitability. Connect to a deeper purpose and meaning in your work with Where the Change Happens Coaching.

A major shift I noticed for myself was boundary setting.  This really has resulted in me prioritizing how my time is spent and allowed me to see maximum results in the areas I most value, which is family time and community involvement focused on our teenaged population. 

I went into the time with Jeremy with no expectations as I was uncertain to what a life coach’s role would actually be.  What I found it to be was a very friendly experience, but unlike just discussing my goals with a friend, a coach held me more accountable and asked me to explore things on a deeper level.

— Chrystal

I did not know what to expect when a friend referred me to Jeremy. On our first call, I told him I was coming in with no knowledge of or experience with a coach. We then had a very open discussion which helped set expectations for our time working together. I appreciated having that conversation to learn about one another and make sure we were on the same page.

When I was going through coaching, I noticed myself thinking of our conversations and identifying patterns in my life that I had not recognized or paid attention to previously. Jeremy helped me make plans for how I could accomplish my short- and long-term goals and ways to implement the strategies discussed.

If you are debating whether you should start working with Jeremy, I would ask you to take a few minutes to think of where you were three months ago and if anything has improved in your life in that time. Where do you want to be in three months and what do you think will help you get there? I can honestly say I am further along than I ever thought I would be (personally and professionally) in such a short time frame. I know that shift is due to showing up every week, doing the work between calls, and the assistance Jeremy provided.